Ain’t my First Rodeo

written by Sean Hogan

published by Lakeland Heart Publishing

When ya get to about my age, there ain’t too much you haven’t done that you didn’t have the chance to do if you wanted to by now. (lol) I turned the notion into a scenario for the framework of this tune. 

From a romantic standpoint there’s many moments in my life that can feel a little déjà vu, seeping in, like meeting the type of person, you seem to hit it off with, and at the same time clash with.

The title of the song is likely to be the title track of my next album (my 8th of all original music from me). I saw Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in mid February 2020, before the pandemic shut it all down.

I had a feeling that his concert and song writing style actually influenced me with this song as one or two others in my career have been as well. Hope you enjoy it.






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